Living in the Regions 2013


Living in the Regions 2013

Thank you to all the people who participated in the survey and discussion groups.

Your contribution is helping us to gain an insight into people's views about living in the regions.


What is the Living in the Regions 2013 project?

Living in the Regions 2013 is a research project conducted by the Department of Regional Development. Data was collected to help answer the big questions such as:

  • How can we attract people to, and retain people in, regional areas?
  • What are the 'sense of wellbeing' factors that influence people's decisions on where to live?
  • What are the strengths of a region and how happy are people living there?
  • What are the barriers people perceive as preventing them moving to a region?

In addition, 21 discussion groups were held across all regions to complement the survey and explore matters in more depth.

What did people say?

The Living in the Regions survey received over 10,000 responses from residents across the State. The survey results are now available in the Living in the Regions 2013 report.

Living in the Regions highlights

Living in the Regions 2013 FAQs

You can also view the results from the 1997 survey - Living in the Regions 1997 report

What's next?

Data collected from the survey is being used by government and non-government organisations to assist decision-making and policy development for regional communities.

To complement the Living in the Regions 2013 survey, the department conducted a large-scale Business in the Regions 2014 survey.

In 2016, the department will run the Living in the Regions 2016 survey.

What's exciting about the project?

The department has been able to attain up-to-date information about life in the regions and will make this data widely and easily accessible to interested parties. We expect a range of diverse groups will refer to the data, such as individuals, community or business organisations and local and state governments.

The data will enable people to have both relevant and recent information when engaging with their local community organisations. These local organisations include Regional Development Commissions, local governments, not-for-profit organisations and any agencies providing services to regional Western Australia.

The scope of the project is exciting as the department received strong support for the survey, exceeding its target of 10,000 regional responses.

Western Australia is the only state to undertake such a project, made possible by Royalties for Regions.

Who can I contact for more information?

Denis O'Donovan
Principal Research Officer
Department of Regional Development
T: 08 6552 2103
E: Denis.O'