Business in the Regions 2014 survey


Business in the Regions 2014 Survey

The Business in the Regions 2014 survey is now closed.
Thank you to all business owners and managers who participated in the survey.
Your contribution is helping us gain a better understanding of the characteristics of regional businesses and the experiences of business owners and managers who choose to operate in regional Western Australia.
The survey was delivered in partnership with Curtin University of Technology.

What's next?

Statistics are currently being collated and an update will be available in the near future.



Who can I contact for more information or to submit a late response?

Denis O'Donovan
Senior Research Officer
Department of Regioonal Development
T: 08 6552 2103
E: Denis.O'

Why was the survey conducted?

Comprehensive, up-to-date information of regional businesses is scarce, as is information on the characteristics and experiences of the owners of these businesses. The survey was designed to provide information regarding:
  • the composition of regionally-based small to medium businesses and the characteristics of their owner/managers
  • the reasons entrepreneurs establish small to medium businesses in regional areas, their expectations for the future and their intentions to remain in or leave a region, and
  • the specific experiences of Aboriginal enterprises

Are the responses confidential?

Yes, all responses will be anonymous and confidential. The survey results will be collected at the regional level, in accordance with the nine regions identified in the Regional Development Commissions Act 1993. The department will ensure that individual businesses cannot be identified in the survey results.

How long was the survey open for?

The survey period commenced on 3 June 2014 and ended on 31 July 2014.

How were businesses chosen?

All businesses with a location in regional Western Australia were eligible to complete the survey.

What did the survey ask?

The survey asked questions about:
  • the quality of life for business owners
  • current business conditions and future business prospects
  • the advantages and disadvantages associated with running a regional business
  • use of web based platforms and social media
  • workforce requirements, and
  • whether they intend to remain in the regions and succession planning

How will the results be used?

The survey findings will play a vital role in ensuring the state government provides effective, targeted support to regional businesses across the state, including projects to support regional small business development and Aboriginal economic development activities. The results will also inform decisions on funding priorities for the Royalties for Regions program.

Who will use the survey findings?

It is anticipated that businesses, industry groups, State Government agencies and local governments will also use the survey findings to help drive business development in regional communities.

Was this the first Business in the Regions survey?

Yes. The department plans to run the survey every three years to track changes over time, and maintain an up-to-date picture of regional businesses.

How does the Business in the Regions survey relate to the Living in the Regions 2013?

The Living in the Regions survey was undertaken in 1997 and 2013. In 2013, the Living in the Regions Survey garnered more than 10,000 responses from regional residents.

The Business in the Regions 2014 survey includes some of the same questions, but it was directed specifically to business owners and managers.

In the survey report, the department will consider differences between the views of business people and the views of the broader regional population surveyed for Living in the Regions 2013.

How can the results be accessed?

A statewide report will be published online later in 2014. The department will also make the de-identified survey data accessible to interested parties on its research web portal.

When is the next survey?

The next survey is planned for 2017.