Review of the WACRN


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Revi​ew of the Western Australian Community Resource Network

On 29 September 2012 the Minister for Regional Development and Lands announced a review of the Western Australian Community Resource Network (Network) to be undertaken by the Western Australia Regional Development Trust (Trust).
The Trust conducted an independent, evidence based review of the Network in relation to its current and potential contribution to regional service delivery and regional development in Western Australia. The Trust also focused on the future strategic direction of the Network, and its potential for an expanded role. More information on the Review is available in the Terms of Reference.
The Trust consulted with the relevant stakeholders, which included the community resource centres, country local governments, relevant industry bodies and government departments. The Trust undertook a number of regional visits as part of the consultation process.
The review was conducted in the 2012-13 financial year and the final report was presented to the Minister on 6 May 2013 for his consideration.
The government has now endorsed the public release of the final report and its response to the 10 recommendations made by the Trust. The Department of Regional Development is lead agency in implementing these recommendations.