Trust members


​Trust Membership


Trust Members are appointed by the Minister for Regional Development generally for a term of three years.  The appointment of a Member under section 13(1)(a), as representative of the regional development commissions, is for a one year term.

​​Brendan Hammond web.jpgBrendan Hammond​ ​

Chair – appointed to 1 November 2018 (appo​​inted as per section 13(1)(b), 14 and (15)1 of the Royalties for Regions Act 2009).

A skilled executive and senior leader, Brendan has more than 22 years of experience in senior roles across energy, water, ports and resources sectors, including as Managing Director of Rio Tinto Argyle Diamonds. He has more than ten years of contiguous experience as a board Chairperson of listed businesses and government trading enterprises, including Horizon Power and the Dampier Port Authority. Brendan has a proven track record of working with regional communities, in Western Australia and around the world, to drive economic and social change. He is a partner in Centric Digital LLC (New York), the owner of Seymour Associates Pty Ltd, and contributes widely in the not-for-profit sector through a number of roles. Brendan is also Chair of the Pilbara Development Commission.

Brendan actively seeks to impart his experience and knowledge to the next generation of leaders, most recently as an Adjunct Professor of Sustainability with the Curtin University of Technology Sustainability Policy Institute. In 2011, Brendan was awarded the Western Australian Citizen of the Year award for his contribution to regional development.

Karlie Mucjanko​Karlie Mucjanko ​

Deputy Chair – appointed from 4 July 2016 to 1 December 2018 (appointed as per section 13(1)(b) of the Royalties for Regions Act 2009). Trust Member since November 2015.

Karlie Mucjanko is a strategic communications specialist with experience in managing brands and reputations, complex stakeholder relationships and communications.  She has managed large-scale complex stakeholder relationships, corporate reputations and communications across a range of industries, including agriculture, regional development and government.

Karlie has almost 20 years of experience spanning industry advocacy, publishing and research and development before joining Australia's largest agribusiness, the CBH Group where she spent almost a decade as General Manager Grower and External Relations working directly with grain growing producers, their rural communities and CBH's many other stakeholders.

Karlie is currently a Director of Fremantle Ports and serves as a Board member of the Guildford Grammar School Foundation. Karlie is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.​

Paul Farrell​Paul Farrell

Trust Member – Appointed from 4 July 2016 to 8 June 2019 (appointed as per section 13(1)(b) of the Royalties for Regions Act 2009).

Paul Farrell is the Managing Director of the NGIS Australia, the leading provider of digital and location intelligence technology solutions to large enterprises.  He has worked in the business for 24 years in a variety of locations nationally and internationally and helped formed significant partnerships with global technology players such as Google and Microsoft.

Paul has an appetite for seeing how far information technology can change business and society for the better.  He is sought after by both government and commercial entities to explore opportunities for business model transformation through data analytics, data visualisation and machine learning.  He has an interest in using digital means to assist regional areas to be more connected and productive, as well as helping promote the comparative advantages of each of our regions both nationally and internationally.

Paul is a former Vice Chair of the Australian Information Industry Association, as well as being a past National Chairman of the Spatial Industry Business Association, representing almost 400 member companies. He is voluntarily involved as a member of many community groups and is a former President of the North Fremantle Amateur Football Club.  

Nick Belyea

​Trust Member – appointed to ​1 June 2019 (appointed as per section 13(1)(a) and 15(2) of the  Royalties for Regions Act 2009) as Chair of the South West Development Commission. ​

Nick Belyea has extensive high-level experience in aviation, tourism and transport, in both the public and private sectors. He spent nine years as Chief Executive Officer of Broome International Airport and worked at the Department of Transport for 10 years overseeing aviation, rail, port and freight policy.

Nick maintains a keen interest in all facets of the aviation industry and has held a pilot's licence since 1979.