What We Do


What We Do


The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development is committed to building vibrant regions with strong economies through jobs growth, economic growth and capable people.

In partnership with the Regional Development Portfolio the Department is responsible for the effective planning, coordination and delivery of the State Government's regional development agenda.

This includes the management of the Royalties for Regions investment program and maintaining effective relationships with key partners across government, industry and the community.

Administered by the Department, the State Government's multi-billion dollar Royalties for Regions program continues to invest in economic and social infrastructure and services in areas such as tourism, housing, health, education, culture and recreation.

The Department works collaboratively to deliver programs and initiatives that result in social and economic benefit for regional Western Australia.

The Department leads the Government's cross-agency effort to improve remote service delivery, particularly in remote Aboriginal communities, to ensure that Aboriginal people are increasingly able to contribute to and benefit from the development of regional opportunities.