Brighter smiles for kids in remote communities


​Brighter smiles for kids in remote communities

As part of a $6 million Royalties for Regions Ear, Eye and Oral Health Initiative, health workers will soon be able to apply fluoride varnish to help prevent dental decay among children in remote communities.
The WA Fluoride Varnish Service includes oral health assessment, advice on disease prevention, and the implementation of the fluoride varnish program.
The Ear, Eye and Oral Health Initiative brings together three elements critical to regional development:
1. Human resources for the provision of primary health care and specialist management
2. Workforce development for the support and up-skilling of Aboriginal health workers
3. Information technology for timeliness in assessing and reviewing children with ear, eye or oral health issues
“This Royalties for Regions funding will help develop a more sustainable health care system in remote communities across regional WA,” said Minister Redman.
Training in fluoride varnish application will be offered to Aboriginal health workers, school health and child health nurses, and remote area nurses in early 2015.