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Find out about services provided by the Department of Regional Development in regional Western Australia.
Here you can find information about funding assistance and allowances, Westlink satellite broadcasting service, and our network of Community Resource Centres.

Find out about the financial assistance and allowance available for secondary students who live in isolated areas and wish to attend public and private schools.

The Western Australian Community Resources Network (WACRN) provides regional communities with local access to technology, information and services. Find out what you can do at the Community Resources Centres located through regional Western Australia.

Find out about how the Country Aged Pension Fuel Card provides support for the transport needs of eligible pensioners living in country areas. 

Find out about the assistance provided under the Patient Assisted Travel Scheme to country residents to enable them to access specialist medical treatment.

Find out about how child care providers in regional Western Australia will benefit from $9.3million of Royalties for Regions funding over the next four years.

Find out how the Western Australian State Government is funding the Royal Flying Doctors Service with the help of Royalties for Regions.

Westlink delivers a range of satellite television programs to over 180 regional and remote communities throughout Western Australia. Find out how to view a program, get involved, or set up your own Westlink program. Video-conferencing is also available.