Asian market success


Asian market s​uccess


Project Status: In progress

WA has the opportunity to position itself as a 'gourmet delicatessen' producing and exporting premium products to high value markets in Asia and the Middle East.

Asian Market Success is a three year, $6 million project to support Western Australian agrifood businesses to pursue growing markets in Asia and capture a target market prepared to pay for quality WA produce, which is considered clean, green and safe, by focusing on:

  • improving supply chains
  • new business models
  • trade and market development
  • business improvements

As part of the Seizing the Opportunity Agriculture initiative, Department of Agriculture and Food is leading this project which aims to convert market and trade intelligence into profitable long term export contracts.

Based on growth rates of premium products in Asia, this project will lay the foundation capabilities to enable WA agrifood businesses to double the value of the sector by 2025 through a $3 million Export Market Development Grant and the funding of international trade officers in key markets.