Gascoyne Foodbowl Initiative


Gascoyne Foodbowl Initiative​


Project Status: In progress


Royalties for Regions has allocated $25 million for the Gascoyne Foodbowl initiative aimed at increasing horticulture production in Carnarvon by an additional 400 hectares, matched with water resource development. 

The project comprises three broad components:

  • Land expansion
  • Water resource development
  • Natural resource management.

The Department of Agriculture and Food WA is the lead agency and will be supported by the Department of Water, Department of Regional Development, Department of Lands and the Shire of Carnarvon.

A major milestone in the project was met in December 2014 with the northern bore field switching from diesel to electricity-powered water pumps.

This ongoing project has the potential to significantly increase horticultural production, contributing to economic diversity and development for the wider Gascoyne region.