Gascoyne Irrigation Pipeline


Gascoyne Irrigation Pipeline


Project status: Completed


The 31 kilometre Gascoyne Irrigation Pipeline transports groundwater from borefields across the 1,200 hectare Carnarvon horticulture district, improving water supply and security for nearly 200 Carnarvon fruit and vegetable growers.

The Carnarvon horticulture district produces more than $80 million worth of fruit and vegetables each year and is a major supplier to Perth's winter fruit and vegetable market, and this modernised water supply ensures the region will continue to be effective as one of Western Australia's key horticultural areas.

The $17.106 million Gascoyne Irrigation Pipeline Project was supported by $6.034 million through Royalties for Regions, $4.472 through the Gascoyne Water Co-Operative and $6.6 million through the Federal Government's Water for the Future initiative

The Gascoyne Irrigation Pipeline is a key pillar to the State Government's Gascoyne Food Bowl Initiative, which also includes the expansion by up to 400 hectares of the Gascoyne horticultural precinct through the identification and development of land, water resources and related infrastructure requirements. 

The food bowl expansion will see more high quality produce available to WA consumers as well as export opportunities for Gascoyne producers. Royalties for Regions is providing funding of $25 million to the Gascoyne food bowl project.  

A further $45 million in Royalties for Regions funding has enabled construction of four major levees in the Carnarvon horticultural precinct to mitigate and protect the horticultural sector and the Carnarvon community from the devastating impacts of repeated flooding.