Seizing the Opportunity Agriculture


​Seizing the Opportunity Agriculture


Seizing the Opportunity Agriculture is a $350million initiative made possible by the State Government's Royalties for Regions program. The initiative is helping to enable the agricultural sector to seize the opportunity of rising global demand and contributes to strengthening regional communities where agriculture is a major economic activity.

Seizing the Opportunity Agriculture will help to promote local products and attract new investment in agriculture, as well as build business skills, research and development and create efficient supply chains. The State Government will partner with the agricultural sector to direct Royalties for Regions investment across 15 significant programs:

The Department of Regional Development is coordinating the initiative in collaboration with agencies leading the delivery of programs including:

The programs will also be delivered in close partnership with the industry sector, nine Regional Development Commissions and other government, industry and community stakeholders.

Programs are being developed with the focus on removing the barriers towards sustainable agriculture in regional Western Australia. By improving access to land, water and infrastructure, the agricultural sector will be well placed to meet the high demands of a domestic and global food market.

This initiative is a strategic investment in Western Australia's agricultural sector and an example of intergenerational wealth transfer as it uses wealth generated in the resource sector to reinvest in broadening our State's economy. This in turn will create new and expanded industry sectors which will benefit current and future generations.

*Note:  projects awaiting approval by State Cabinet