State Barrier Fence


State Barrier Fence


Project status: In progress


Royalties for Regions funding of $10.17 million has been invested to fill significant gaps in the State Barrier Fence that will prevent the movement of wild dogs and emus from the rangelands to the agricultural areas.

Specific work includes:

  • Dog proofing 820 km of the existing State Barrier Fence
  • Constructing 170 km of fencing to close Yilgarn Gap
  • Undertaking Phase 1 of the Esperance Extension to the State Barrier Fence.

The project, being delivered by Department of Agriculture and Food, reached a major milestone in November 2014 with the closure of a 170km gap in the State Barrier Fence known as Yilgarn Gap.

With the closure of Yilgarn Gap, the State Barrier Fence is now 1,206km long and stretches from the Zuytdorp Cliffs north of Kalbarri to east of Ravensthorpe. Further work is assessing extending the fence from Ravensthorpe to east of Esperance.