Supporting the sheep industry


Supporting the sheep industry


Project status: Ongoing


A $10 million Royalties for Regions investment as part of the $300 million Seizing the Opportunity Agriculture Initiative will help access new markets and open a business centre in Katanning.

Department of Agriculture and Food WA are delivering the Sheep Industry Business Innovation project over four years to assist the WA sheep industry to capture a share of increasing demand for sheep meat.

The Sheep Business Centre will provide a hub for information, research, training and innovation in sheep meat and will link with other providers throughout the State. The centre will play an important role in providing the science, skills and strategies to help the sheep industry improve capacity and supply chains to satisfy customer requirements for lamb, mutton and wool.

Royalties for Regions is also funding $250,000 for a three year pilot of the sheep National Livestock Identification System helpdesk to increase WA sheep traceability, as part of the $20 million Boosting Biosecurity Defences program.

The assistance available from the helpdesk will enable producers to assure the traceability of WA's sheep product by familiarising them with the process. It allows industry and government to quickly track disease to its origin in the unlikely event of an outbreak boosting food safety and consumer confidence.