Emerging Community Leadership Program


Emerging Community Leadership Program



Program participants L to R:

Top - Robert Miniter Jnr., Monica Kerr, Tanya French, Will Hosken, Deeva Muir, Jeremy Diver, Liz Guidera, Andrea Gray and Abi Farina

Middle – Rebecca Woods, Barbara Howard and Juliet Grist

Bottom – Sayah Drummond, Michael Ward, Lee Steinbacher and Karina Tairua


Project status: In progress  

Sixteen participants have been selected to participate in the Emerging Community Leadership Program (ECLP).

A panel of representatives from the Department of Regional Development and Regional Development Commissions assessed 29 competitive applications for a place in the program.

The ECLP aims to support the resilience and sustainability of regional WA communities by supporting local leaders to develop their capacity to make a positive difference in their community.

The program will bring together a diverse group of emerging leaders from across southern Western Australia for 12 days of interactive and theoretical leadership skills development, field trips to local businesses and projects, and 'action-learning' community leadership projects for each individual or within groups.

During the five month experiential leadership journey, the ECLP participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in a Community Leadership Project with the aim of making a positive contribution to the community
  • Interact with influential local leaders
  • Discuss local leadership challenges and explore opportunities to lead transformational change
  • Build leadership skills, confidence and networks, and
  • Receive individual and group leadership coaching.


The Program is being delivered by Karrak Consulting on behalf of the department.

It consists of four regionally based workshops:

  • Workshop One : 18 – 21 June 2015 (York)
  • Workshop Two : 23 – 26 July 2015 (Denmark)
  • Workshop Three : 10 – 13 September 2015 (Dryandra)
  • Workshop Four : 22 – 25 October 2015 (Donnelly River)

Participants will also receive:

  • Four individual leadership coaching sessions
  • Two group coaching sessions in preparation for action-learning projects.

For more information please visit the Karrak Consulting web page or contact the Program Coordinator Kim Lisson on 0412 126 147.


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