Responsible Parenting Services


Responsible Parenting Services


Project status: Ongoing

"Around 84 per cent of parents who have taken part in Parent Support say they achieved some or significant change in their parenting and 75 per cent of parents who completed the programs have made changes which resulted in positive outcomes for their child," Child protection Minister Helen Morton said.


Royalties for Regions is supporting Responsible Parenting Services with $33.89 million to assist the most at risk and hard to reach families in Western Australia, who are considered most in need of services but least likely to access them.

Responsible Parenting Services covers two key programs:

  • Best Beginnings, which supports vulnerable new mothers with infants up to two years of age, to establish parenting skills, form attachment to their baby and become engaged with their community.
  • Parent Support, which helps parents of school-aged children who are engaged in criminal or anti-social behaviour and truanting.

These home visiting services aim to help parents better manage their daily lives, take responsibility for their children's safety and improve family wellbeing.

The service is proving to be a great success, with Department for Child Protection and Family Support programs delivering a 61 per cent drop in the growth rate of the number of children entering care.

Responsible Parenting Services continue to roll out into the Murchison, Great Southern, Goldfields, Pilbara, Wheatbelt and South West regions.