Busselton Foreshore


Busselton Foreshore


Project status: In Progress


Busselton Foreshore is a major new attraction for the South West region, providing a unique experience on the water's edge for everyone to enjoy.

The Foreshore consists of 38.5 hectares along the Geographe Bay, adjacent to residential areas and the town centre.

Royalties for Regions and the Country Local Government Fund contributed $6.1 million and $1.5 million respectively to provide space for recreation and adequate parking for residents and visitors.

The project has delivered many upgrades and additions, including:

  • Promenade – An attractive wider design with exposed aggregate concrete used for the pathways that link with other upgraded pathways. The colour of the concrete and aggregate was chosen to reflect the colours of the wet and dry beach sand. 
  • Car Parking – Moved back from the beachfront and designed to retain existing pine trees. Pedestrian paths through car parks are well lit and safe.
  • Barbecues – Plenty of new barbecues have been provided and are lit to provide security and encourage use after dark.
  • Shade and Shelters – The design reflects the curved shape of the roof of the Interpretive Centre, which skilfully connects the new promenade with existing structures. Wood from the old Jetty has been recycled to form striking features in the shelters, again incorporating heritage with new.
  • Seating – The majority of seating has been set into limestone block walls and also features wood from the Jetty. This design provides an uncluttered look whilst giving residents and visitors plenty of options to rest and enjoy the outstanding views. 
  • Grass and Native Gardens – All vegetation has been planted using water sensitive urban design features to minimise maintenance and maximise visual aesthetics.
  • Lighting – Wind turbines generate the power for lighting. The power is stored in batteries in the light pole and once charged the speed of the turbine is self-regulating to minimise any loss of power.  LED lighting is also a feature to illuminate pathways and the retained pine trees.  
  • Cabling – Extensive electrical cabling incorporates single and three phase power and wi-fi network capability. Three phase power means events are well catered for with minimal fuss.
  • Water Fountains – These multi-function works of art have a drinking fountain, dog-drinking facility, showers and way-finding signage in one neat package. They are attractive and carry Busselton branding.
  • Playground – Specifically designed to entice young people of all ages to be active.
  • Scout Road Jetty – The jetty has been redeveloped and a new U shaped swimming jetty included for swimmer safety.
  • Signal Park – The open space has been redeveloped with capacity to cater for local public events as well as high profile events. The car parks, reticulation, gardens and electrical services have all been upgraded.