Carnarvon Flood Mitigation Works


Carnarvon Flood Mitigation Works


Project status: Completed

"Carnarvon is a significant foodbowl for Western Australia and it is important that we secure our fresh produce for market," Domenico Condo, local mango, grape grower and Chair of the Gascoyne Water Cooperative.


Carnarvon's growers, farmers and the local community are now better protected from major flood damage thanks to the completion of four major levees, made possible with $45 million from the Royalties for Regions program.

The construction of the levees was in response to the December 2010 floods during which Carnarvon experienced its worst flood in recorded history. The floods severely damaged the horticulture district and caused damage estimated at $90 million.

Four major levees constructed to the east of the town site and adjacent to the Lower Gascoyne River have improved the level of protection for Carnarvon growers and will reduce the potential losses to in the event of any future flooding.

The levees are designed to withstand 1-in-100 annual recurrence intervals and total 16kms in length ranging in height from one to six metres.

The completion of the Carnarvon flood mitigation levees in June 2014 was a critical pillar in achieving the State Government's commitment to the growth and expansion of the Gascoyne Foodbowl.

The Royalties for Regions funding includes $2 million to provide for ongoing maintenance and repairs to the levees.