Gascoyne Junction Rebuilding and Enhancement of Town Centre


​Gascoyne Junction Rebuilding and Enhancement of Town Centre


Project Status: Completed

"We were given a unique opportunity to produce a modern version of the essential social infrastructure, building brand new facilities to last long into the future," Bruce Walker, Shire of Upper Gascoyne Chief Executive Officer.

In December 2010 widespread flooding of the Gascoyne River destroyed the Gascoyne Junction town centre and completely washed away some surrounding homesteads.

Just over three years later, Gascoyne Junction's town centre was completely rebuilt with more than $8 million from the Royalties for Regions program.

The small community now has a new 24-hour fuel station, general store, tavern and restaurant, caravan park with pool and playground and a new main street.

The rebuild of Gascoyne Junction has transformed the quality of life for residents and improved access to everyday services such as groceries and fuel.

The modern town centre will enhance tourism, creating additional economic opportunities for the town and the wider Gascoyne region.

The rebuild was funded $6.05 million through the Gascoyne Revitalisation Plan with a further $1.988m provided through the Country Local Government Fund. The Shire of Upper Gascoyne contributed $0.953m to the project. 

The new facilities have been built above the one-in-one hundred year flood level, and have been fully operational since January 2014. The Shire of Upper Gascoyne will retain ownership of the land and buildings, with responsibility for maintenance.