Pilbara town and city centre revitalisations


Pilbara town and city centre revitalisations in Karratha, Newman, South Hedland and Tom Price


Royalties for Regions supported town and city centre revitalisations for Karratha, Newman, South Hedland and Tom Price as part of the Pilbara Cities $1.7 billion investment. These revitalisations have created opportunities to establish vibrant CBD precincts to accommodate anticipated population growth in Karratha and Port Hedland into cities of 50,000 people, Newman to 15,000 people and Tom Price as a major inland centre by 2035.

Karratha Town Centre Revitalisation

In preparation for Karratha Town Centre Revitalisation, the Karratha City of the North Plan was developed by the State Government, LandCorp, Pilbara Development Commission and the City of Karratha in alignment with the Pilbara Cities initiative. The plan outlines economic, social and spatial strategies required to make Karratha a place of choice to work, visit, grow up, raise families and age gracefully and has been the foundation for the town centre revitalisation project.

The project is being delivered in two stages:

Stage 1

In 2009, Royalties for Regions provided $74.6 million to LandCorp to deliver a highly functional, pedestrian-friendly city centre for Karratha where public facilities, amenities and businesses are more accessible.

Key works included the extension of Sharpe Avenue (to the north and to the south as far as Dampier Highway) to create a city main street and Karratha Terrace, a new east-west link.               

Project status: Sharpe Avenue was completed in November 2013 with Karratha Terrace (East) development ongoing.

Stage 2

A further $101.4 million from Royalties for Regions was invested for LandCorp to provide roads and services for the future Karratha Health Campus on the corner of Balmoral and Warambie Roads. 

Key works include the creation of the Karratha Health Campus site, realignment of Balmoral Road, upgrade of the Balmoral and Dampier Roads intersection and creation of the new Bayview Road between Balmoral and Searipple Roads (northern perimeter road) to the city centre.

Project status: Servicing of the Health Campus Site including Bayview Road (West) is due for completion in October 2015.

Find out more: visit LandCorp for more information


Newman Town Centre Revitalisation

Newman's town centre will be transformed into a vibrant hub with a new town square and plaza. The commercial and residential development provides residents and businesses with new opportunities for economic diversity and a space that will accommodate population growth into the future.

In 2009, Royalties for Regions provided the Shire of East Pilbara with $20 million for Stages 1 and 2 to revitalise the town centre of Newman and the Shire engaged LandCorp as project managers.  In addition, a further $21.9 million was invested by Royalties for Regions for the Shire to deliver Stage 3.

The project is being carried out in three stages:

Stage 1 and 2

  • review of linkages & barrier to town site access
  • analysis of significant places
  • new East West entry into town  - Iron Ore Parade
  • new and shaded car parks to the North and  East of Town Centre
  • relocation of sporting facilities at Boomerang Oval
  • construction of  new East West main road to improve connectivity
  • creation of Landmark mixed use development site – Lot 4 Iron Ore Parade
  • tree lined boulevard , improved pedestrian & bike network

Project status: Completed December 2012


Stage 3

Key works include enhancements to the town's road layout creating:

  • a new main street created by realigning Market Place to the west to improve access to the town centre
  • a high level of landscaped, activity focused amenity
  • creation of new mixed use development sites for BHPBIO upon which a new proposed shopping centre will be built
  • pedestrian friendly
  • land assembly to create space for a new town square
  • Iron Ore Parade  - Shaped Northern car park and provided an improved connection to Hilditch Avenue
  • reflects a movement toward pedestrian based retail
  • major service re-alignments and upgrades

Project status: Civil works associated with the Newman Main Street & Street Scape will be completed in November 2014, with augmentation of power infrastructure to be completed in May 2015. The final phase of the Newman Revitalisation Plan is the Town Square, with design development well advanced and construction due to commence in 2015/16 subject to approvals.

The project will update and improve the infrastructure and amenity of the town centre to enhance the retail/shopping precinct and make it a community gathering place.

 Find out more: Visit LandCorp for more information.


South Hedland Town Centre Revitalisation

Royalties for Regions supported South Hedland town centre revitalisation through a $77 million investment that has seen the town's CBD triple in size by creating new development ready land for commercial, retail and residential investment. By invigorating the physical and social amenity of the town this project is bringing South Hedland into the modern era.

The redevelopment involved:

  • creating a new main street with commercial and social activity
  • re-alignment of major roads, developing new roads and upgrading existing roads to make them more pedestrian friendly
  • a central town square and public park with covered amphitheatre;
  • landscaping and artwork beautification treatments
  • a central hotel site
  • various sites for residential and mixed use development.

Once built out, the South Hedland Town Centre will include around 1,000 residential units within walking distance of shopping facilities and other public amenities.

Project status:  On-going

Find out more: Visit LandCorp for more information


Tom Price Town Centre Revitalisation

Royalties for Regions invested $10 million through the Pilbara Cities initiative into the Shire of Ashburton to provide quality infrastructure, new community and parking facilities and a revamp of the Tom Price town centre.

Stage 1 works included:

  • upgrade of utilities - water, sewerage, power and drainage to support construction works
  • redevelopment of the town mall, including lighting, facades, plantings, surfaces and security for commercial and retail facilities
  • new street scaping, improved public open spaces and community facilities, including shade structures to shops and walkways, landscaping, paving and water playground
  • facilities and amenities for tourists, including new bus shelter, parking and public toilets.

This transformation provides an appealing space that improves the liveability of the town for the community and visitors while allowing for future population growth. It provides residents and local workers with a wider range of community and commercial services and is supporting new business and investment opportunities.

Project status: Stage 1 completed August 2012