Regional Blueprints


Regional Blueprints


Every region in WA now has access to a $330​ million fund over five years to develop major economic, social and community development projects through their Regional Investment Blueprints.

Developed by each of the nine Regional Development Commissions, the Blueprints are plans for investment, outlining transformative strategies, priority actions and investment opportunities.  They are plans for growth.

Through consideration of local issues and conditions the Regional Investment Blueprints will develop strategies to grow the region's economic base through the development of its competitive advantages, workforce and community.

The Blueprints will guide the types of investment and inform the strategic allocation of Royalties for Regions funding into infrastructure and services for regional communities.


Further information on the Regional Investment Blueprints can be found on the Regional Development Commissions' websites:

Gascoyne Development Commission

Goldfields-Esperance Development Commission

Great Southern Development Commission

Kimberley Development Commission

Mid West Development Commission

Peel Development Commission

Pilbara Development Commission

South West Development Commission

Wheatbelt Development Commission