Regional Mobile Communications Project


Regional Mobile Communications Project    


Project status: Completed

Regional Western Australia is now experiencing unprecedented mobile and internet coverage, thanks to the completion of the $40 million Regional Mobile Communications Project.

The Royalties for Regions-funded project has now successfully delivered 113 towers across nine regions, improving coverage in the State up to 22 per cent.

The Regional Mobile Communications Project has boosted mobile and internet reception across 95,000 square kilometres and improved continuous highway and town to-town coverage.

The Regional Mobile Communications Project's impact has been far-reaching, from improving safety and emergency service capabilities and connecting communities, to opening up education opportunities and global markets for local economies.

Due to the success of the Regional Mobile Communications Project, a further $45 million has been invested under the Regional Telecommunications Project, in partnership with the Commonwealth Government, to install a further 80 telecommunications towers in identified mobile black spot areas.

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