West Kimberley Revitalisation


West Kimberley Revitalisation


Project status: Ongoing

More than $70 million has been invested into the revitalisation of the West Kimberley.

This investment is to build on the existing initiatives in the Kimberley by revitalising centres like Broome, Derby, Fitzroy Crossing and the many remote communities.

Projects aim to improve the standard of living in the Kimberley, as well as build on the region's existing economic drivers, unique characteristics and natural features to create the jobs that attract population and support long-term growth.

Some of the projects included in the West Kimberley Revitalisation initiative are:

  • Broome China Town Redevelopment
  • West Kimberley Transitional Housing Program
  • Fitzroy Crossing Courthouse
  • Broome Wharf Extension
  • Broome Road Industrial Area

Further to the West Kimberley Revitalisation, the Kimberley Development Commission will be able to access $292 million across five years to implement State-wide economic, social and community development projects in their Regional Investment Blueprints.