Renewable Hydrogen Information Portal


​Renewable Hydrogen Information Portal

Renewable Hydrogen Information Portal has been developed for use by industry and investors to help identify possible sites for large-scale renewable energy and hydrogen production across Western Australia. The interactive mapping tool brings together multiple datasets to guide the prospecting process.

The digital mapping data has been categorised into five themes. The below list provides examples of some of the data sets you will find under each theme:

icons8-greentech-80.pngRenewable Energy and Resources

  • Average Daily Solar Exposure – Annual
  • Annual Average Cloud
  • Wind Capacity Factors
  • Wind Power Density


  • Local Government Authority Boundaries
  • Regional Development Commission Boundaries
  • Native Title Determination Outcomes 

icons8-irrigation-80.pngEnvironment and Water

  • Groundwater Availability/Groundwater Salinity
  • Digital Elevation
  • World Heritage Areas

icons8-road-80.pngInfrastructure and Utilities

  • Weather Radar
  • Major Ports/ Railways/ Roads/ Aviation/ Coastal Infrastructure
  • Electricity Infrastructure – transmission lines/ power stations  

icons8-user-groups-80.pngPeople and Planning

  • Agricultural Properties
  • Homesteads/ Aboriginal Communities and Town Reserves
  • Conservation Areas

Please refer to the user guide (available through the portal) for tips on map navigation.  Please note:

  • Layers in ALL CAPS have sub-layers (e.g. ROADS, ELECTRICITY INFRASTRUCTURE). Sub-layers will only display if both the main layer and sub-layer boxes are ticked.
  • Greyed-out layers are too detailed to display if the map is zoomed out (e.g. Homesteads, Railway Stations, Mining Tenements). You will need to zoom in until the data becomes visible.

 Visit the WA Renewable Hydrogen Information Portal