ICT upgrades at Busselton Health Campus


ICT upgrades at Busselton Health Campus


Project status: Completed 2015


The new Busselton Health Campus boasts state-of-the-art Information Communication Technology, thanks to $10.7million in Royalties for Regions funding.

The investment will ensure country healthcare adapts to contemporary standards and meets community expectations.


Patient Entertainment System

Available in all in-patient rooms, the new Patient Entertainment System will boost the traditional doctor's rounds by displaying basic health and hospital information.

The high-tech touch-screen equipment, which doubles as a clinical computer, will also allow patients to access television, radio and internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In addition to the entertainment functions, each system comes with its own phone and unique number, allowing patients to receive calls without having to leave their bed.

The Busselton Health Campus is the third WA hospital to install similar technology after the Albany Health Campus in 2013 and Fiona Stanley Hospital in 2014.


Real Time Location Service

Patient and staff safety will be enhanced with the Real Time Location Service, a wireless system that uses transmitters and mobile devices to protect people and equipment.

The system's mobile duress component allows staff to send out an alert for help at the touch of a button. The system can pinpoint the exact location of any incident and send the necessary assistance.

Vulnerable patients such as those suffering from dementia will also have more freedom thanks to a special bracelet which sends out a wireless signal. Patients considered 'at-risk' will also be thoroughly protected if they get too close to an exit, as the system will sound an alarm at the nurses' station.


New system to improve patient information in the South West

A new web-based Patient Administration System has replaced the ageing HCare system at the Busselton Health Campus.

The system will improve the collection and access of patient information and deliver improvements across a range of activities including patient flow management, scheduling and appointments, admissions, discharges and transfers, patient indexing and billing, clinical coding and information management.

It has the ability to share information electronically, in a timely and secure manner, at multiple sites across Western Australia, providing staff with up-to-date and integrated patient records.


Hugs and kisses ensure safety for new mums

The Hugs Infant Protection will provide an additional layer of security and peace of mind to new parents.

A small 'Kisses' tag will be placed on the mother with a 'Hugs' band placed around her baby's ankle, immediately following birth. A clear sound from the mother's tag will immediately alert staff if there has been a mismatch, when the infant is reunited with its mother.  

Family can move infants freely within the protected zone, but should they be removed from the maternity unit, staff will be alerted. 

The simple system, which also supports multiple births, is easy to use requiring little training or administration.