Pilbara Essential Services


​Pilbara Essential Services


Project status: In progress


Pilbara Essential Services is upgrading water and wastewater infrastructure in the Pilbara region in support of the Government's Pilbara Cities initiative.

The project aims to facilitate economic and social development through the Pilbara region through:

  • Providing higher quality recycled water for irrigation of public open space and sports facilities
  • Enabling expansion of new land development and commercial investment in these areas
  • Providing benefits to the local communities through increased spending and sourcing of local contractors and products to boost the region.


Pilbara Essential Services will provide additional water in Port Hedland and Onslow, as well as increase the wastewater treatment and disposal systems for Karratha and Port and South Hedland.

This will be achieved through sub-components including:

  • Onslow Water Scheme Upgrade: water supply production, transfer and distribution capacity from the Cane River bore field increased.
  • Hedland Water Source Upgrade: water production and transfer rate from Yule bore field by 4GL per annum.
  • South Hedland Wastewater Upgrade: upgrade of South Hedland WWTP, disposal expansion and upgrade to South Hedland WWPS No 1, in Hamilton Rd, is complete.
  • Karratha Wastewater Upgrades: Treatment capacity at WWTP1 to 10ML/day is complete and Searipple Road Wastewater Pump Station and Balmoral Road Wastewater Pump Station in Karratha are complete.


Royalties for Regions is investing $104.4 million to the project with additional support from the Water Corporation and Chevron, as part of a broader $302 million development.