Affordable Housing for Workers


Affordable Housing for Workers


Project status:  In Progress

"This program is really helping businesses in our community to keep on operating." South Hedland hardware business owner Gloria Jacob.

In March 2012 the State Government allocated $355.5 million from Royalties for Regions to deliver affordable housing for key workers across WA.

The objectives of the initiative are:

  • To provide affordable purchase and rental accommodation for key regional workers
  • To deliver a range of housing types with a focus on one and two bedroom dwellings
  • To support private sector development to grow regional businesses
  • To increase the number of households living in regional areas.

The package, administered by the Department of Housing, has housed service workers in areas of childcare, education, emergency services, healthcare, hospitality, retail, trades, manufacturing and government.

The following projects have been funded under the package:

  • Port Hedland Service Worker Intervention Package
  • Newman Service Worker Housing
  • Capital Raising Feasibility Study
  • Onslow Service Worker Housing Intervention
  • Non-Government Organisation Strategic Housing Intervention – Stage 2
  • Housing for Workers - Avon Village Development
  • Evelyn Cottage, Fairbridge Farm Refurbishment
  • Pelago East Stage 2 Karratha
  • Hamilton Precinct Stage 1 South Hedland
  • Osprey Key Worker Village South Hedland