Broome Short Stay Accommodation Facility


Broome Short Stay Accommodation Facility


Project status: In progress

With Broome being a major regional centre in the Kimberley, it is timely that a second Aboriginal short stay accommodation facility is built for Aboriginal people traveling there to attend to business and access a range of services.

Royalties for Regions is investing in the new Broome Short Stay Accommodation Facility to provide safe and secure short-term living arrangements for Broome's Aboriginal visitors.

The facility will provide modern short-term accommodation for up to 80 Aboriginal people.

Discussion is currently underway with the Yawuru through Rubibi Aboriginal Land, Heritage and Development Company Pty Ltd (Rubibi), Nyamba Buru Yawuru and the Shire of Broome to identify a suitable site.

The Housing Authority will manage the project and is responsible for the facility's ongoing maintenance. The day to day operations of the facility will be supported by the Department of Child Protection and Family Support.

Kimberley's first Aboriginal short stay accommodation facility, the Derby Aboriginal Short Stay facility was opened in September 2014. It has provided more than 8000 bed nights of accommodation to date.