South Hedland ERA - Mindutharnthu Maya


South Hedland ERA - Mindutharnthu Maya        


Project status: Completed

"Mirnutharntu Maya is about providing a stable home environment with a strong cohort of young people with the same end goal in mind – completing their apprenticeship or traineeship. Everything about the facility is designed to support this goal, including the no alcohol, no drugs policy," Donna Selby, facility manager.

Apprentices and trainees in the Hedland region are now able to access affordable accommodation in South Hedland.

Mirnutharntu Maya is a recently complex constructed, with $8 million of Royalties for Regions funding, providing 48 one bedroom units to accommodate apprentices and trainees.

Located beside the Pilbara Institute's Pundulmurra Campus in South Hedland, the facility offers safe, affordable accommodation in a drug and alcohol free environment. While all local apprentices and trainees are welcome to apply for a place, priority is given to Western Australian Aboriginals aged between 16 and 25 currently in an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Mirnutharntu Maya was established through a partnership between BHP Billiton, the Pilbara Development Commission under the Pilbara Cities Initiative, the Department of Housing, the Department of Training and Workforce Development, the Department of Regional Development through the Royalties for Regions program and the Australian Government through the National Partnership Agreement on Remote Indigenous Housing.

The facility is managed by YMCA who has a track record in delivering services that help people grow in body, mind and spirit.