Pastoral Lands Reform

Western Australia's pastoral estate has the potential to deliver substantial environmental, economic, and social benefits to pastoralists, the State and local communities.

In October 2017, the Western Australia (WA) Auditor General released a report on the Management of the Pastoral Lands in Western Australia (AG Report), which found that the ecological sustainability of WA's pastoral estate is not adequately protected by the current system of land monitoring and administration. The AG report made recommendations to improve governance and policy development, and to enhance land monitoring and compliance.

The Hon Alannah MacTiernan MLC, Minister for Regional Development; Agriculture and Food; (the Minister) has been given responsibility for progressing the Government's commitment to Pastoral Lands Reform.

The Minister is working with the Minister for Lands and the Pastoral Lands Board (PLB) to identify key priorities for consideration, which provide opportunities for sustainable economic growth and development to deliver a more profitable future for the pastoral estate in WA.

State Government is moving ahead with Pastoral Lands Reform

Minister's Update – November 2019

The State Government has announced its proposed Pastoral Lands Reform package of legislative, regulatory and administrative measures that focus on improving the land condition of the pastoral estate, fostering best-practice land management, and encouraging development and diversification.

Pastoral Lands Reform will:

  • encourage good land management;
  • provide clear standards for land condition;
  • improve land monitoring, compliance and support;
  • support pastoralists to demonstrate best-practice land management;
  • reward good practice; and
  • improve land administration

For pastoralists, Pastoral Lands Reform offers improved security of tenure so they can invest with confidence in the capital improvements required for better land management and non-pastoral activities.

Over the next three years, Government will:

  • develop regional land condition standards, good pastoral land management guidelines and policies;
  • design a risk-based pastoral land condition monitoring and compliance system; 
  • work with industry to co-design and define best practice for business and land management; and
  • identify long-term resourcing requirements.

This work has already started. The PLB is consulting on draft Good Pastoral Land Management Guidelines, which provide practical advice to pastoralists on good land management to assist in maintaining a profitable and ecologically sustainable pastoral business. Further information on this consultation process can be found here.

A proposed voluntary, opt-in land management accreditation system will be co-designed by Government and the pastoral industry to encourage the use of best-practice pastoral land management activities.

Pastoralists who opt-in to the accreditation system will be able to formally demonstrate their good land management credentials.

The current lease renewal system will continue to apply for pastoralists who choose not to opt-in to an accreditation system.


A public consultation process, on a draft amendment Bill, will commence once the draft amendments to the Land Administration Act 1997 have been completed.

Individuals and organisations will be able to respond to the draft Amendment Bill through a variety of methods including the Pastoral Lands Reform website, email, post and in-person at consultation forums to be held across the state in regional and metro areas. 

The Government looks forward to engaging with the PLB, the Pastoral Industry Reference Group, the pastoral industry, Traditional Owners and other key stakeholders in developing the accreditation system and integrated approach for land condition monitoring and compliance over the next three years.

More information

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Previous Updates

Minister's Update - June 2018

An update on Pastoral Lands Reform was hosted by the Hon Alannah MacTiernan MLC, Minister for Regional Development; Agriculture and Food in Carnarvon on 8 June 2018.

This event provided an opportunity to hear from the Pastoral Lands Board about its consultation with industry on reform; and the Minister on priority areas and proposed next steps.

Please visit the link below for the written update distributed during the event. 

For further information, please contact

Minister's Update: Pastoral Lands Reform 8 June 2018