Kalbarri National Park redevelopment


Kalbarri National Park redevelopment


Project Status: Completed April 2014

Kalbarri National Park's infrastructure and visitor facilities have been upgraded at selected sites along the Murchison River Gorge. The redevelopment received $7.5 million through Royalties for Regions funded $20 million Conservation Parks Visitor Infrastructure and Roads Initiative managed by Department of Parks and Wildlife.

The redevelopment aims to boost tourism in the area by sealing 12km of the Murchison Gorge access road, new shade shelters, lookouts, walking trails and carparks along with new toilets at the Loop and Inyaka Wookai Watju (West Loop lookout) sites.

With Kalbarri National Park receiving approximately 330,000 visitors per year undertaking activities such as abseiling, diving, canoeing and bushwalking, the improvements are a welcome addition.

Funding was also used improve several coastal sites in the park such as construction of the coastal Bigurda boardwalk between Natural Bridge and Island Rock, which has provided a much improved experience for hikers exploring the park's coastal cliffs.  The boardwalk, made from recycled plastic, is part of the Coastal Cliffs Restoration Project which recently earned The Department of Parks and Wildlife the Western Australian Coastal Award for Excellence 2013 for Coastal Development / Design.

Please visit Department of Parks and Wildlife for more information.