Millstream Chichester National Park


Millstream Chichester National Park


Project status: In progress


Royalties for Regions is investing $270,000 to assist in preparing the site to be able to attract a private proponent to develop quality ecotourism accommodation and a range of related experiences in the 200,000 hectare Millstream Chichester National Park.

Activities undertaken as part of the project include:

  • Identifying and prioritising potential sites
  • Addressing Aboriginal heritage and flora and fauna issues
  • Accessing water availability and site access issues and costs

The project will assist in attracting investors to construct the actual retreat, which will create significant benefits for the community. It will assist in meeting the region's undersupply of tourist accommodation and strengthen tourism product offerings for visitors along the Warlu Way and further inland.

If the accommodation is constructed, it will have the potential to:

  • Expand opportunity for Aboriginal stakeholders to deliver nature-based and cultural tour experiences that potentially have equity and long-term financial benefits
  • Provision of local employment
  • Support conservation of the Park through additional income streams.

The Millstream Chichester National Park is 120 km south of Karratha. The project is run by the Department of Parks and Wildlife and Tourism WA.