Orange School Bus Initiative


Orange School Bus Initiative


Project Status: Completed

Royalties Regions invested $10.9 million over four years to the regional school bus network to ensure all new buses entering the fleet are equipped with air-conditioning and automatic transmission.

Previously, orange school bus contractors in some parts of the State were only paid to operate their air conditioning units on a set number of days a year, irrespective of the temperature, and contractors in the State's South-West were not paid to operate it at all.

Thanks to the Orange School Bus Initiative Regional students that travel long distances to school can now complete their journey and undertake their studies feeling more refreshed and alert. Bus drivers also have improved working conditions meaning less stressful, more comfortable and safer journeys for drivers and students.

"These improvements not only make the journey more comfortable for students but - along with the standardisation of automatic transmissions - greatly facilitate driver retention and recruitment, especially in small rural towns that do not have big labour forces." John Bailly, Public Transport Authority Manager School Bus Services.

The initiative has ensured all Public Transport Authority's contracted school buses now have air-conditioning and automatic transmission fitted as standard and all contractors are paid to operate their air conditioning all year round.