Centennial Park Upgrade (Phase 1) in Albany


Centennial Park Upgrade (Phase 1) in Albany


Project status: Completed 2014


Established in 1975, the Centennial Park Sporting Precinct caters for a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports facilities. It is considered a regional sporting precinct in the Great Southern.

The upgrades to the Centennial Park were necessary to transform the previously underutilised and dilapidated grounds into a premier precinct. It is intended that the facilities will be used and shared by sporting clubs, community and the public, to ensure high usage rates and to facilitate social interactions between clubs and the local community.

This project is the first stage of the overall development of the Precinct's oval and community centre. Works include:

  • Footpaths
  • Paved areas
  • Boundary walls
  • Fencing
  • Gates
  • External stormwater drainage
  • External water supply
  • External electrics
  • Landscaping improvements

The project also addresses the infrastructure needs associated with the ANZAC Centenary 2014 – 2018 commemorative program. The Centenary is expected to create an increase in visitation to the region.

The $1.46 million Centennial Park Upgrade was completed in September 2014, thanks to