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The Goldfields-Esperance is located in the south-eastern corner of Western Australia and is the largest region in the state with a land area of 771,276 square kilometres. The region is three times the size of the state of Victoria and just under a third of Western Australia's total land mass. It is bounded by the Pilbara region to the north, the Wheatbelt region to the west, the Great Southern region to the south-west, the Southern Ocean to the south and the WA border to the east.

The region includes Western Australia's Golden Outback which stretches from the rugged red earth of Mt Augustus in the north of the Gascoyne-Murchison region to the sweeping snow-white beaches of Esperance and the South Coast.

The coastal Esperance zone boasts a range of stunning natural attractions including national parks, Kepwari Wetland Walk Trail, Woody Island and Lake Monjingup, which exhibit coastal scenery, extraordinary flora and fauna, peaceful bushwalks and well maintained campgrounds.  

Heading inland, the Kalgoorlie-Boulder mining zone offers astounding diversity and beauty in its national parks and reserves, tranquil eucalyptus forests, wide sweeping plains, dry lake beds, low lying scrub land and spinifex fields.

Living, working and investing in the Goldfields-Esperance

Goldfields-Esperance is made up of nine local government authorities:

The estimated residential population of the Goldfields-Esperance was more than 61,900 in 2013, with over half the population living in the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder. It is anticipated that the region will continue to steadily rise to approximately 68,400 by 2023.

The Goldfields-Esperance is renowned for its lifestyle, its friendly people, a great sense of community combined with excellent facilities and great opportunities.

Goldfields-Esperance residents are a happy community with a positive sense of health and wellbeing. The community rate their financial situation amongst the highest of all regions and rank the strength of their region's economic profile second only to the Pilbara.

The region has a long, rich association with gold mining, being the premier producer for the state. Nickel also features with strong production and healthy reserves. Agriculture and gold-related tourism are also strong contributors to the region's economy, as well as fishing and ​aquaculture along the coastlines of Esperance and Ravensthorpe.

For more information please visit the Goldfields-Esperance Development Commission's website or contact your local Community Resource Centre.


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