Local Content Adviser Network


Local Content Adviser Network

The Labor Government is delivering on its 2017 election commitment to boost local content in State Government jobs and contracts. The State Government is committed to building community sustainability and economic diversity by creating jobs in regional Western Australia.

The State Government's 'Plan for Jobs' places the Department of Primary Industry and Regional Development (DPIRD) at the forefront of maximising local supplier, contractor and job opportunities in the regions.

DPIRD Local Content Advisers (LCAs) are now located in the nine Regional Development Commissions to take a lead role in maximising local content opportunities, including goods, services and jobs, for State Government funded projects. The LCAs will also support local businesses to focus on local content to create job opportunities in regional Western Australia.

For further information, please contact your relevant Regional Development Commission LCA or visit their webpage as below :

  • Gascoyne Development Commission:

Jill Dwyer, ph (08) 9941 7000 or local.content@gdc.wa.gov.au


  • Goldfields-Esperance Development Commission:

Peter Rampellini, ph (08) 9080 5008 or local.content@ gedc.wa.gov.au


  • Great Southern Development Commission:

Gavin Ellis, ph (08) 9842 4888 or local.content@gsdc.wa.gov.au


  • Kimberley Development Commission:

Simon Marwick, ph (08) 9194 3000 or local. content@kdc.wa.gov.au


  • Mid West Development Commission:

Gary Savill, ph (08) 9956 8589 or local.content@mwdc.wa.gov.au


  • Peel Development Commission:

Therese Ejsak, ph (08) 9535 4140 or local.content@peel.wa.gov.au


  • Pilbara Development Commission:

Corina Docking, ph 1800 843 745 or local.content@pdc.wa.gov.au


  • South West Development Commission:

Janelle Price, p h (08) 9792 2000 or local.content@swdc.wa.gov.au


  • Wheatbelt Development Commission:

Megan Creagh, ph (08) 9622 7222 or local.content@wheatbelt.wa.gov.au


Tenders WA

The Western Australian Government buys goods and services in a number of ways. What you are selling and/or the value of the contract dictate the purchasing method government staff must use. To sell to Government successfully, your marketing efforts should be in line with a number of purchasing methods. Government wants to provide suppliers with fair and equitable access to its supply opportunities and has policies in place that ensure open and effective competition. When purchasing, government buyers are looking for value for money and an efficient and effective purchasing and contracting process. Tenders WA is the central online source of information on Western Australian public sector tenders and awarded contracts. Registering with Tenders WA is an easy way to stay up to date with government tender and contract opportunities in your region. 

Jobs WA 

There are more than 100 departments and agencies (collectively referred to as 'agencies') in the Western Australian public sector, ranging in size from just a few people in a single office to thousands of employees across the state. Working in a rewarding and challenging career is just one of the many benefits to be enjoyed as a public sector employee. Jobs WA is the website advertising available jobs for the Western Australian State Government. If an agency is required to advertise a position, that advertisement must be published on this website.

For further information please go to the WA Industry Linkwebsite.

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