Regional Grants Scheme


Regional Grants Scheme

The Regional Grants Scheme (RGS) is a Roya​lties f​or Regions (RfR) initiative, administered by each of the nine Regional Development Commissions (RDC). This Scheme seeks to improve economic and community infrastructure and services in regional Western Australia by helping to help attract investment, increase job opportunities and assist in improving the quality of life in the regions. The RGS is a contestable funding round with grants available from $50 001 to $300 000.

Ministerial announcement


Applications for the RGS 2017 round are open Monday 1 August 2016.   Please contact your local Regional Development Commission for CCF closing dates, to discuss if your project is eligible and to obtain the guidelines and application forms.


The contact details for each RDC can be accessed through the following links:

Gascoyne Development Commission

Goldfields Esperance Development Commission

Great Southern Development Commission

Kimberley Development Commission

Mid West Development Commission

Peel Development Commission

Pilbara Development Commission

South West Development Commission

Wheatbelt Development Commission


Must I be part of a community group or organisation to be eligible to apply?

Eligible applicants may include local governments, voluntary organisations, educational institutions (e.g. universities and Parents and Citizens Associations), philanthropic foundations and community organisations.

  • All voluntary and community groups applying for funding must have an Australian Business Number (ABN), be an incorporated body or have equivalent status (e.g. represented by an incorporated auspicing body).
  • Organisations outside the region may apply, but will need to demonstrate significant, sustainable regional benefits and a commitment to local decision-making and planning.
  • Preference will be given to projects that can demonstrate that a grant from the Regional Grants Scheme will leverage funds from other sources.
  • State and Commonwealth Government agencies are not eligible. Individuals or private sector businesses are also not eligible.


How many applications can be successful?

There is no cap on the number of successful applications. However, there are limited funds available for each region and each fund.


Can my project be eligible for both the RGS and the Commu​nity Chest Fund

Unfortunately, no. Projects requesting funding under $50,000 should apply through the Community Chest Fund. Projects requesting funding between $50,001 and $300,000 should apply through the RGS.


How soon after applying will I know if I am successful or not?

A rigorous assessment process of all applications is undertaken for RGS by the local RDC. Applicants can expect to hear from their local RDC within six months of applying. 

​Previous funding rounds


  • 2016-17 funding

The Regional Grants Scheme 2016 funding round saw $13,871 million allocated to 88 projects across rural and regional Western Australia.


​The Regional Grants Scheme 2014-15 funding round saw $9.024 million allocated to 86 projects across rural and regional Western Australia.  



The Regional Grants Scheme 2010-11 funding round saw $7.98 million allocated to 123 projects across rural and regional Western Australia.

The Regional Grants Scheme 2009-10 funding saw $45million allocated to more than 233 projects across rural and regional Western Australia.

The Regional Grants Scheme 2008-09 funding was allocated to over 320 projects across rural and regional Western Australia.




What difference has the Regional Grants Scheme made to communities in regional Western Australia?

Check out  the ​Regional Grants Scheme Evaluation in the South West:

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